Blauner and Associates has been nothing but generous and kind to our staff and horses at Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Acadamy.  Dr. Jen Buchholz is exceedingly knowledgeable and has been able to problem solve and come up with manageable and efficient solutions to any issue.  In any emergency situation I have always felt fully supported and informed by the staff at Blauner Associates.   Dr. Jen has been with us and has walked us through some very difficult circumstances with endless compassion.  We have always felt that she is looking out for our equines and the program’s best interests.  Every vet that we have encountered at the practice has shown that they are truly sympathetic people who truly love the animals and their chosen profession.

Jamie, Barn Manager at Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy

My name is Roberta Robinson, aka Bird.  I have been the barn manager at Gwyn Meadows Farm forever, and we have always used Blauner, Vecchione, Buchholz & Associates.  I have been privileged to work with each veterinarian who has been employed by the practice.

We are a boarding, training and lesson facility with approximately 65 horses and I have had the normal amount of colics, mishaps and conditions that come with a large boarding facility, not to mention an aging lesson horse population we need to keep comfortable.

I have spent many a late night and early morning with most of the vets over the years and I’m comforted by their patience, knowledge and compassion…especially when a difficult decision must be made.  We are so fortunate to have this practice right around the corner and I don’t know what I’d do without them in an emergency.  They also help me keep track of the routine vaccinations, workings and travel documents.

The office staff is also very patient with my constant phone calls, requesting various supplements and medications that we require.  I cannot recommend their practice highly enough!

Roberta Robinson, aka Bird

My family have been clients of Blauner, Vecchione, Buchholz & Associates for over 12 years. They were our first and only horse vet practice, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve grown up with this practice and they have taught me so much. I remember sitting in a circle, learning about emergency care during pony club meetings, which were always taught by someone in the practice. The vets at the practice are more than just vets – they have become family.

Recently I bred my retired event mare and Jen has been with me every step of the way – From the initial ultrasounds right up through the delivery!  She was always around to take my frantic overprotective calls, answer my never ending questions and calming me when I was overreacting.  Our horses are part of the family.  We compete on them year round and Blauner, Vecchione, Buchholz & Associates has always been a phone call away for our every need.

Together, we have conquered EPM, West Nile, colic, lameness, and every other horse issue you could name. They are always available to talk, to guide, and to inform.  I could go on and on about my experiences with this practice and can honestly say we’ve never had a single bad experience. They are caring, honest, brilliant doctors and I appreciate everything they’ve done for me, my family and my horses.


It’s been many years of giggling and laughing while spinning in circles as Dr. Jen (with my help) gives the donkeys their shots.  She has also been so professional, compassionate and supportive during the loss of horse.  I look forward to many more years with my animals and Blauner, Vecchione, Buchholz and Associates.  Love you Dr. Jen and everyone that I have dealt with at the office.